Postcard on holiday: why and how to write it?

In an age of smartphones, social networks and ultra-connected relationships, there is no shortage of ways to communicate. With a phone call, a small text message, a message on social networks, or even an email, everyone knows where you are and what you’re doing there. But with all these new ways of communicating, has the postcard sent from his holiday destination become obsolete?

A special attention!

First of all, to answer this question: “No” the postcard is not obsolete. Less intrusive than a phone call and more durable than an SMS or e-mail, sending a postcard is a real sign of affection towards the person receiving it. But to do this for your recipient it will take you a little longer than sending a simple SMS. You will first have to choose the map, then write the text, by hand, stick a stamp, and finally make the journey to the nearest mailbox.
Sending a letter is not instantaneous either, like sending a text message, but will give much more pleasure to your recipient who will realize the effort made. Sending a letter is therefore not only sending a piece of paper, but also a thought, an attention that will undoubtedly please your dearest family members and friends more than anything else.

How to write it?

Now that you have chosen your recipient and your card, all you have to do is write your text… and it is far from being the easiest.
Today, we are so used to calling each other for the slightest opportunity that we no longer even know how to write to a loved one other than on our phones.
The first thing to consider before writing your message is that on a postcard, the space is not unlimited. It is therefore necessary to be synthetic without forgetting the “welcome” formula (Hello, Hello, Hello, Dear…,…,…), the “taking of leave”. (See you soon, Kisses,…) and the signature at the bottom of the page.
The second thing is to use the simple past to tell your holiday stories. This time used mainly in writing is particularly effective in forming the framework of a story.
Then all you have to do is improvise and find inspiration!

Some ideas…

The ideal is to tell a story about your days or one of them that has particularly affected you. But you can also make a “Top 5” of the most curious things you saw on holiday, or a “Top 10” of the activities to do on site to introduce your receiver to a new region, or send the recipe for a regional dish that you have discovered and that you absolutely want to share.
In any case, whatever your idea, never hesitate to send a letter that will always please the one who has the chance to receive it.

A fun activity for your children!

And finally, you can always use postcards to keep your children busy on a rainy day or at the end of the day. Your children will always enjoy writing a little letter for their friends or a member of your family. It will also be an opportunity to remind you of some spelling rules before school resumes.

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